Feedback from Our Patients

"Really great office! They called once they received the authorization from the insurance rather than wait for me to call. The physical therapist is very nice, spend time with each patient and really made a huge difference quickly. When I improved faster than expected she suggested I space out my appointments in case something starts hurting again. That way I won't use all the sessions my insurance authorized. Highly recommended."   


"This place is great! I have been coming here for two months, and Julie has made my chronic ankle pain disappear. I am finally, after 9 months, able to get back to my regular activities and exercise. The office staff is caring and friendly, and scheduling is easy. I can't recommend this office highly enough!"

- K.L.

"All the therapists I had were great!  I had extensive surgery on my foot and had a much better recovery due to the care and thoughtful treatment I received at Sonoma Hills.  I would definitely go back should I ever need help again."


- K.D.

"The people are top notch and friendly. Excellent care and attention. I highly recommend them! If you need physical therapy this is the place to go."


- A.Y.

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