You will be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist for an evaluation. Please bring all reports if applicable as well your insurance cards and a list of medication (if any) with you. Please anticipate the initial examination to be 45 minutes to 1 hour long.   Arriving 5-10 mins early to sign in and complete all the paperwork as and if needed by your insurance company.  

Patient Resources 

Insurances we accept:
Your First Visit

If you choose to pay out of pocket:


The Initial Examination will be $135 and each additional visit will be $75. We do require that you have a Primary Care Physician so that we may send the proper documents to your doctor for review. 

What if I want to come for physical therapy with out a prescription?



California is an open access state and depending on your insurance policy, you can be seen for an evaluation and treatment for your condition without a prescription from your doctor. Some insurances do require a doctors referral (prescription) to reimburse our services. Despite being seen without a referral, we request that you have the name and information regarding your Physician provided to us so that the plan of care is approved by your MD.



How do I make an appointment for physical therapy?

The process is generally very simple. Call or email our office. If you are paying cash, a few simple questions is all we require. If you would like us to bill your insurance company, make sure you have that information available. We will verify what your insurance company needs for reimbursement, then contact you to inform you of what is required. 

If I am having home care, can I still come to outpatient physical therapy?

Unfortunately, we can not see a patient that is currently under any sort of Home Care or Home Physical/Occupational Therapy. Insurance companies do not cover both services at the same time. You need to be discharged from Home Care or Home PT/OT before beginning out-patient physical therapy.

How do I know if my insurance will pay for physical therapy?

As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your insurance policy coverage prior to your initial examination. Depending on your insurance plan, you may have a copay, deductible, annual cap on number of visits, etc.


If your plan does have a high deductible, we will collect for the initial examination and revisits until the deductible is met.  We will be billing your insurance for your services.  


All uncovered charges are the responsibility of the individual and payable to the office at time of service.

We encourage all of our patients to check with individual's policy to be well informed of their benefits as well to avoid any surprises.







PPO Contracts

  • Blue Cross

  • Blue Shield

  • Humana

  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare


Additional Insurances:

  • Medicare

  • Tricare

  • Tricare for Life

  • TriWest VA


HMO Contracts: (through Meritage Medical Group and St. Joseph Medical Group)

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross

  • Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • SCAN (Senior Plan)

  • United Health Care

  • Western Health Advantage (Senior Plan)


If you have any questions about your insurance plan or billing, feel free to contact us and we are more than willing to help.